Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the whole famn damly

my family came into town! my sweet brother landon is coming to baylor, and it's time for orientation, so they all hopped on down to waco to hang out for a few days. as soon as they got in, we all met at a pizza place called gratziano's. we started with a double tomato bruschetta, followed by salad and pizza. it was yummy.

although i won't get to see them too terribly much (since they will be busy getting landon all oriented and whatnot) we do plan on at least having a few meals together. and making a sams run (yesssss).

the need to be on my phone all the time runs in the family. note the collage with my brother eating while his cellphone is in his hand the entire time. *sigh*

they will be leaving town on thursday afternoon/evening to go to east texas and visit some friends, so i am going to be boppin' on up to fort worth to visit some of my friends! i can almost guarantee that there will be pictures of a hedgehog. more on that later. :)

obsessions for the night: 1.) wayfarers by ray-ban, and 2.) cee lo green's baby arms. i really love all of cee lo, but his arms are just so awesome...

quote of the night:
me: mom, you should just have another baby since yours are all grown up.
mom: ..............holy crap...............

have a good night, all!

m. wilson

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  1. landon is cracking me up in that photo!! he would haha


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