Wednesday, June 8, 2011

le lazy-man's blog post

hello my friends,

my lack of blog posting recently has been largely due to my business, partially due to my laziness. while i don't have anything brilliantly witty or intriguing to say today, i have decided to do a lazy man's blog post and just list things about my day/life.

10 facts about my now:

1.) i slept in WAY too late today, i was up late (this morning) watching 'the social network'. great movie, it's about time i got around to watching it.

2.) selling books back to the bu bookstore may be one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. aside from the 2 out of 6 that were out of date, and wouldn't sell back.

3.) one of my many vices is subway pizza. it is cheap, and takes about 90 seconds to 'cook' in a giant microwave-oven-type-thing, and i LOVE IT. give me that and a giant fountain drink, and i am set.

4.) i gave in to my desire and just finished demolishing a subway pizza. tg for elastic waists.

5.) i am determined to buy myself a small record player as my birthday present to myself. (22 days!!!) like this.

6.) i had these bangs before zooey deschanel was even born. this is not entirely fact, but i really have had my bangs longer. and she is no singer. (although i do love her in elf.)

7.) in my mind, ina i.e. the barefoot contessa is the highest ratio of weird personality to delicious-looking food i have ever encountered. she loves to exploit her friends as she MAKES THEM eat her food, but man...i would let her exploit me if we were 'friends'. she feeds them all the time!

8.) i am the queen of outfit repeating. i don't think one can be a normal young adult without doing it. if you find something awesome to wear, why not wear it more than once?!

9.) i wish i were more eloquent. i'm not awful, i just tend to keep talking until i figure out what i'm trying to say. when discussing corporal punishment the other day, i was calling it 'carnal punishment' for like ten minutes. there is a difference, turns out.

10.) i am officially out of my 44 oz. fountain drink. the world is not completely over, my favorite gas station does refills...

4 of my silliest fears:

1.) invisible sharks. (true story)

2.) amputation. (gone with the wind ruined me, to this day i can't finish that movie)

3.) a parasite. (i am not in any way scared of bugs, or creepy crawlies or anything, but when i think about something under my skin that is not supposed to be there.......*shudder*)

4.) being blindly terrible at something without someone telling me. how embarrassing.

2 of the best songs ever:

1.) paper bag -- fiona apple

2.) to take you home -- frank turner

that's all for now. be sure to enjoy your wednesday!

m. wilson

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