Thursday, June 9, 2011

obsession (a tribute)

my dear cousin sarah was a brave soul today. on her blog, she openly discussed one of her obsessions. so, as a tribute to her bravery, i decided to own up to one of mine.

hello. my name is mackenzie, and i drink way to many fountain drinks.

(hi mackenzie)

although it's been a glamorous life up to this point, and i don't see myself getting help any time soon, i figured discussing it was at least a step in the right direction. for example, today was a 'good day' for me. i woke up, promptly got a 44 oz. diet dr. pepper from the local exxon, and went home. a few hours later, it was demolished, so i went to my favorite coffee house, common grounds (which is worth driving to see, by the way), and got a large coffee. i finished that in about 25 minutes, and before i went home, ran by the exxon again and got another 44 oz. diet dr. pepper. (hey -- they're 96 cents, why not?)

really, it's not necessarily a 'fountain drink only' oriented problem, but a 'i-need-a-drink-at-all-times-or-i-feel-like-the-darknesses-will-get-me' problem. it just so happens that 99% of these drinks are 44 oz. fountain drinks from the exxon. sonic is fine, but honestly, their drinks don't taste better because they cost more. i'm in college -- i can't afford luxuries like sonic all the time.

as i stare menacingly at the second fountain drink of the day, i can't help but wonder if my stomach ache is simply from having too much to drink today. rapid-fire style. which is *technically* my fault.

(takes sip)

hopefully this will be my final drink of the day. why not water, you ask? because it's gross, that's why. and boring. and not my style at all.

at this point, i am literally cuddling my fountain drink as i watch one of my other obsessions 'so you think you can dance'. if these obsessions are wrong, i don't think i want to be right.

on a completely different note, watching this show tonight has introduced me to a great new song (as it ALWAYS does). it's called 'in this shirt' by the irrepressibles. it's so beautiful! and that video is great too. it makes me want to watch the movie the song is from. it's called 'the forgotten circus', have you guys ever heard of it? it looks interesting...

anyway, *whew* well i feel better. thanks for listening. do any of you have embarrassing obsessions you're willing to share? i'd love to hear about them. people helping people, you know..

m. wilson


  1. I get a Double Big Gulp of Diet Coke from 7 Eleven daily, and typically supplement with additional 12oz cans and possibly a 20oz bottle from the local vending machine. You're in good company ;)

  2. omg! that is a bad obsession. haha. my insides would be rotted, literally, if i drank that much coke a day. seriously, i went to the hospital w/ horrible stomach pains when i was 8 b/c i didn't drink enough water. so i'm very careful about that now. and my body never lets me forget it. but i DO love a dr. pepper once in a while. so tasty. have you tried ice water w/ lime? or even cucumber? something to make it a little more interesting and tasty. i know it's tough for some ppl to like. my sis won't drink anything but filtered. i also LOVE sytycd. i'm excited for this coming wks episodes. :D its one of the only things i look forward to during the summer. tx is dreadful and makes me miserable during these months.

    hmmmm ok now that i have written you a novel i just wanted to say you have a cute blog! have you always lived in tx?

  3. yes i have! i've literally been all over, but i mostly hail from west texas (abilene). and trust me, i'm totally aware that my insides probably hate me. i literally never drink water. note: i am right now because i'm too lazy to go get a fountain drink! haha. thanks for sharing!

  4. i share your addiction to fountain drinks miss wilson, but the source of my dehydration hails from QT. i mean, 32oz for only 59? yes please, and more thank you. esp b/c it's so freaking hot now, i feel like i need to drink like at least 3 a day. i always get diet dr. pepper with a splash of vanilla--mmmmm. my love of coffee combined with this love of QT means i hardly ever drink water either! sometimes i will realize i haven't drank water the entire day--soooo bad!

  5. believe it or not, i saw a billboard in fort worth for the 59 for 32oz and my jaw literally dropped. i do the vanilla splash sometimes, it's just difficult for me to mix it up and i just usually get about 3 swigs of just vanilla, then it's gone! but it is really yummy if you get it just right!


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