Wednesday, August 31, 2011

point of hilarity

there are certain points of hilarity in life that don't really need a lot of explanation or reasoning. this is one of them. candy cane boxers that have been in my parking lot for a week and a half. they don't seem to want to go away. come 2-second sprinkle or shine.

(yes, question marks really appear above my head when i am confused.)

do you guys love moments like this as much as i do? useless laughs are the best kind.


Monday, August 29, 2011

choir weetweeeeeeat.

so, this past weekend the a cappella choir from baylor went on a retreat to glen rose, texas to work on music and bond! it was fun (exhausting, but fun) and no one was surprised when i ran around snapping pictures of everyone...

the retreat was located at glen lake camp and retreat center. they had a blob, y'all. i never got to try it out because i was too busy napping as often as possible, but my friend kaylie did get some pictures of others enjoying the water park.

note: most of the pictures take place in the rehearsal room. try and count the snuggies, it was FREEZING in that room, and we all brought snuggies and blankets and sweaters to deal with the extreme cold, even when it was extremely hot outside.

there was also a mouse situation that happened in the girls' cabin. the situation being that we had a live-in mouse that terrorized the cabin, which certainly never left things boring...

all-in-all, it was a fun trip. i also got appointed historian of a cappella, since i'm constantly snapping pictures and bother people. i guess they decided to make some lemonade, am i right? (bad joke?)

hope you guys had a good weekend!

m. wilson

Sunday, August 21, 2011

deep thoughts: by mackenzie

i often find myself saying things that don't make sense. if you know me, you will probably agree whole-heartedly. i also often find myself saying things that i THINK make me sound like i know what i'm talking about, but ultimately make me sound dumb. that being said, i have decided to start a new segment entitled "deep thoughts by mackenzie" where i get to share my dumb feelings without feeling so dumb. these are just tid bits of wisdom from this week...

1. if  you are in a shark film, that floating thing in the water is NEVER a turtle shell.

2. if your name is mackenzie, you should not watch shark films before going to sleep.

3. if your name is mackenzie, and you happen to watch a shark film before going to sleep, dangling your feet off of the bed will not (should not) get your feet eaten by a shark while you are on land.

3. if you are a freshman, your ideas are never good. don't trust them. or your instincts.

4. if you are a freshman and you walk around talking about things like "belt buckle collections", "how strong this bike rack is" and "songs turning into togas" in public, the upperclassmen (named mackenzie) will make fun of you and probably write songs about you.

5. if you love hard boiled eggs and like announcing how useful they are, we should be friends.

*EDIT* 3. if your name is mackenzie you like the number '3' way too much.

ultimate wise quote of the week: "we're in...well, we're not in similar boats but we're both in boats so i guess that's something..."

i hope you learned something awesome today. also, this has been my favorite video this week, i hope you enjoy it.

m. wilson

Monday, August 15, 2011

partyin' partyin' (YEAH) funfunfunfun...

there's a lot i could say about the past few days, but i'd rather just let you guys imagine this kind of fun. there are some great pictures here (or at least i think so) but my favorite is probably the third to the last. that good.

it's birthday season.
happy season.
chicken season.
iphone season.
floral season.
dinner season.
borgfeld season.
happy, pretty, lights season.

also, this really happened:

m. wilson

Saturday, August 6, 2011

abcs and 123s

ok, so there will be no '123's, but there will be a few 'abc's. my sweet cousin sarah recently did a post consisting of answering questions/giving input to the 'abc's. i thought it was a cute idea, and there's not all that much going on in the wack these days, so here goes nothin'...

a age: 21
b bed size: double. but these days, i've been all about my couch. which is couch-sized.
c chore that you hate: i really hate putting my clothes away post-laundry/trip. they prefer my floor anyway...
d dogs: are awesome! i love my pup back home, but i'm also enamored with the idea of a pug.
e essential to start your day: listening to some relaxing music. these days, i'm up early all the time and 8am is no time for jam music.
f favorite color: gray.
g gold or silver: silver all the way. 'all that glitters isn't gold' doesn't apply to silver.
h height: 5'4.5'' (you know you're short when you still count in fractions).
i instrument you play: i barely survived my required piano classes, so let's just say 'voice'.
j job title: student, intern at FUMC (it sounds way more official than it actually is).
k kids: are for trix. but also 'no thank you. not yet.'
l live: in waco, texas.
m mother's name: michele.
n nicknames: ohhh so many. mostly kenzie, kenz, babs, baby bear, and mack.
o overnight hospital stays: not yet, i've only been an outpatient thus far.
p pet peeve: people talking in important movies, 'supposedly' vs. 'supposably', gaining attention at other peoples' expense, unnecessary honking...
q quote from a movie: 'but you know the thing about romance is people only get together right at the very end.' -love actually
r right or left handed: right.
s siblings: one little brother. his name is landon and he's coming to baylor in the fall!
t time you wake up: involuntarily at 7:35am. if i had my way, around 4pm.
u underwear: is a dumb word. skivvies is the only acceptable term for that whole thing...
v vegetables you hate: i love most veggies. the texture of asparagus freaks me out sometimes, and i can't handle peppers at all, but other than that, i'll eat almost anything.
w what makes you run late: getting distracted by either music, tv, youtube, or talking to a friend.
x x-rays you've had: my foot, my wrist, and one of my growth plates, i think.
y yummy food that you make: i make a mean cheesecake.
z zoo animal: llamas are my favorite.

this kind of reminded me of something that i might have done on myspace back in the day...i really don't mind the nostalgia, though.

m. wilson

Thursday, August 4, 2011

happy birth-nae!

my dear friend lauren (whom i fondly call 'nae') turned 21 yesterday!!! we started this 24-hour-celebration-fest by jasmine and i taking her to crickets at midnight on tuesday night for some birthday yumms. we all had so much fun, trying to get the three of us to stay serious is like trying to get a group of toddlers to take the SAT. and pass it. not gonna happen.

the next morning post-class, a few of us had a delicious brunch at nae's place. jasmine made us quite a spread of french toast, muffins, scrambled eggs, and fruit salad. (i was on mimosa duty.) as you can see, our dear tim phillips was decked in full argyle-attire, because apparently 'the only men that go to brunches are grandpa's.' we ate (entirely too much) and watched millionaire matchmaker. after brunch, we all parted ways to take our food-coma naps.

for dinner, we all went to nae's favorite restaurant, 'bangkok royale' and brought along as many of her friends as we could. (which is a lot, nae knows EVERYONE.) and all ate to our heart's content (again). we then re-grouped and met up at nae's since jasmine had made incredible cupcakes and nae had to open her presents.

we then moved the party to crickets for drinks and more fun. nae is a giant ball of sunshine tucked into an adorable little package, and we were all thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate with her. love you, nae!

m. wilson