Monday, June 27, 2011

birthday box

i got a birthday box in the mail today! my mother called me a few days ago asking what the name of my face powder was, and told me to be checking the mail for a birthday package. i was so excited when the ups man knocked on my door just to find a wonderful box of goodies sent by my awesome parents...

it included:

1.) a hysterical card filled with gift cards (i've been asking for them for a while now, knowing i can't just blow a gift card like i would with cash).
2.) a really incredible draped, pocketed shirt made by kensie. (ironic?)
3.) a houston starbucks mug (i don't know when my parents have been in houston recently, haha) filled with a tea strainer and loose-leaf earl grey tea, which is my absolute favorite. :)
4.) 3 organic guacamole mix packets. my roomie and i can't WAIT to use those.
5.) my clinique face powder -- in the color 'fair'. yes, it is the lightest available.
6.) delicious rice cakes. yummmyyyy. mom recommended them with peanut butter.
7.) last but certainly not least, THE BIRTHDAY HAT! this hat has been in our family for 12 or so years, and it is velvet and entirely too small for my head and wonderful and i love it.

thanks mom and deddeh. you guys are the best. this was a wonderful and perfect surprise. :)

m. wilson


  1. it's almost your birthday!!!!!
    i am extremely jealous of your birthday hat and wish i could be with you to make guacamole in the hat til the sun comes up.
    then go to sonic for breakfast.
    that's about as far as that plan goes..

  2. i like the plan just like that. done.

  3. Birthday hat?!
    Why have I never heard of this?

    ps. I hear Schlotzky's sandwiches go well with Subway pizzas. . . not the most efficient way to use your gift cards but certainly the most delicious.

  4. ...birthday hat.
    man i love you and can not wait for your birthday.
    we are going to get down in austin.


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