Monday, June 27, 2011

airport beach with mr. giese, where the freckles come out to play

one of my best friends here in waco has got to be mr. adam giese. since most of our friends are gone this summer, we are spending copious amounts of time together! (fine by me). so yesterday, we decided to go out to this place on laco (= lake waco) called airport beach. the water was a lovely hue of green, and the beach was packed with families going crazy in the water, and we had a grand ole time.

when we first got there, we were handed a parking pass for the day and a lovely little flier that told us that "couples that play safe, stay safe". this brought up two thoughts: 1.) do they only hand this flier to groups of two people that come to the beach? and 2.) since adam and i aren't a couple, do we get to go nuts in the water? basically we ignored the flier and swam out to the buoy. we stayed out and just tread water for a while and discussed movies (which is perfectly normal for us) and just enjoyed ourselves. also, as we are both german (and i'm partially irish) our freckle count EXPLODED (see the last picture). it was fun. we then went out to red lobster and visited our friend who was working there. we split a lobster pizza and each got a bowl of soup. we might as well have been a couple, ordering the exact same thing...

on another note: BIRTHDAY = 3 DAYS.

my parents just sent me a fabulous birthday package (as they are currently living it up in nyc) and i can't wait to share it with you!

have a great monday, all.

m. wilson

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