Sunday, June 12, 2011

i just met a guy named tony

tonight, my friend lauren and jasmine had me over to watch the tony awards at their apartment with our other friend logan. lauren and logan were both studying for their music history test tomorrow (gross) but we all still had a wonderful time.

lauren and jasmine have been babysitting our friend anneka's kitty, sadie. she sat on my phone and when i tried to get it, promptly bit me. but we were still cool. she was precious, and spent most of the tony's cuddling with my purse and eating my shoes.

all in all, it was a great time. i got to see the love of my life, norbert leo butz, as he won 'best actor in a musical' for his role in 'catch me if you can'. when they showed a clip of the show, i literally didn't recognize him.

best of all, lauren and i got on the topic of the color purple, and then this happened...

and THAT is dedicated to sarah bear.

also, when coming back home, i noticed some graffiti that has recently been added to this steel building next to my apartment. i don't really get it, but i totally get the couch that it was next to that was torn up. also, notice the light is green? every single picture that i've taken in waco street lights has turned out green. no matter what camera, etc. it's odd. anyway, if anyone gets that graffiti at all, i'm really curious to know what it's all about.

have a lovely night, all!

m. wilson

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  1. ahahaha yes!! that is awesome. although, i am clearly a better fit for the song, sorry lauren(:


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