Friday, June 17, 2011

fill in the blank friday

so, a blog that i follow (and love) by the name of the lovely hunter gave me this idea for a 'fill in the blank friday' post. it seemed like a good idea, since i don't have much to report on currently, not that i'm ready to post anyway. i'm currently in fort worth visiting friends, and it's been wonderful, i'm just waiting to gather all of my photos and info before i make it official. officially posted, that is.


1. the last movie i saw was: x-men: fc. it was a decent film, i neither hated it nor loved it, but there were some good parts, for sure. i went with a few friends last night when i got into town, it was fun. :)

2. i want to: be done with college so i can start my real life. (and before you say anything, yes, i have heard from about 40 billion people that i will miss college one day -- i'm sure i will, but for now, i'm really ready for a new chapter).

3. surprises are: really fun. except surprise parties, those bother me a lot. not throwing them, just receiving them. i'm not sure why.

4. the best accessory is: thick black eyeliner and enough hair product to make your craziness look intentional.

5. my favorite warm drink is: probably hot earl grey tea. i love hot coffee and hot chocolate, but i always order most of my drinks cold (even in the dead of winter) because i like being able to drink my drinks immediately and when i order them hot, i always have to wait at least ten minutes so i don't burn my tongue!

6. my favorite cold drink is: diet dr. pepper. and iced coffee (more specifically soi bois from common grounds). it's all good, really. i just love having something cold to drink, especially in this ridiculous texas heat.

7. currently loving: the a/c, iced vanilla lattes, hanzo the hedgehog, r. kelly's 'bump n' grind', avocados, house m.d. (as always), and my smooth operator sunglasses.

hope you enjoyed!

m. wilson

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  1. yes! i am so stoked that you did one of these! i just missed the past one though...


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