Monday, May 30, 2011

i would whistle while i work, but i really can't whistle.

my dear friends,

i am an extreme kind of person. i'm also horribly unorganized. when it comes to cleaning, this combination of personality traits means that i let stuff accumulate in my room until it is SO MESSY that i cannot stand it anymore. today was that day. i have clothes that have been left all over my room from my trip back home at the beginning of the summer, to my new york trip, and far, far beyond. on top of that, my 5-person car has been (permanently) a 3-person car because of all the stuff that has been eating my backseat alive. my car-mess has consisted of clothes, sheet music, magazines, about 10 pairs of shoes, and plenty of trash. gross, i know. this is why i didn't post pictures of my car -- it's a bit embarrassing. BUT. today, i cleaned. i cleaned a lot. my room went from a total hole to being pretty nice, if i do say so myself. and my car is completely EMPTY!!! i am so proud.

this was only done with my utter boredom, and the help of starsstephen speaksmissy higgins, (thanks for the throwback, shuffle), blue october, and fun. (< watch that last video, trust me, it's adorable).

my goal is to keep my room (by the way, i spelled room "roam" and "rome" before i got that correct. win.) this clean for at LEAST a month. dream big, right?

i hope you have all had a fabulous and exciting memorial day! to finish, i would like to share a wonderful quote i spotted today.

“our individuality is all, all, that we have.  there are those who barter it for security, those who repress it for what they believe is the betterment of the whole society, but blessed in the twinkle of the morning star is the one who nurtures it and rides it, in grace and love and wit, from peculiar station to peculiar station along life’s bittersweet route.”
- tom robbins, jitterbug perfume

m. wilson

Sunday, May 29, 2011

"eggs, oh elegant eggs!" and other short stories.

my dear friends,

i realize that everyone thinks that their family is crazy. mine is a true gem, ranging from the most calm of people to the lady who will yell from the other room to know what everyone else is talking about. i love them all dearly, and this trip was a little reminder that i am extremely lucky to have such fun kin.

if you read my earlier post, you know that i have six total grandparents. my mother has a step-mom and step-dad that have been in her life much longer than i've been alive, so they have always been real grandparents to me. i will give you a quick rundown of all of them, just to give you a taste of what this trip was like:

grammy: dad's mom, she is the loudest, most talkative, and genuinely friendliest person i have ever encountered. once i went on a trip with her, papa, and my cousin sarah bear, and she told almost every stranger we encountered about our "heritage trip" to georgia. she is hilarious and wonderful, and i love her.

papa: dad's dad, papa knows everything about EVERYTHING. he is a retired southern baptist pastor, and he is probably the wisest person i know. he also loves cats, and quilting. when i was 8, he once told me that god made cats so man could touch the tiger. i never forgot it.

grandpa chad: mom's dad, grandpa chad is a wonderfully jolly golfer. he also has terrible hearing, and on this trip, his right  hearing aid was totally out of order. he spent a lot of his time smiling and nodding at people, which might be sad, but he knows how deaf he is and how funny it is if he nods at the wrong thing (which happened).

grandma gail: mom's step-mom, she is completely sweet and utterly sarcastic. the older i get, the more dry her humor seems to get, and i love it. she also used the word "boobies" once, and i totally lost it.

mimi: mom's mom, she is one of the funniest people i have ever met. she is also the most fabulous of grandmothers, who wears marc jacobs track suits, uses chanel make up, has been wearing a wig since before i was born and fake eyelashes since she was 16. she also recently got porcelain veneers and even more recently, she tattooed her eyebrows and eyeliner on. most importantly, she has a tiny, white, pampered bishon frise named muffin that never leaves her side.

grandpa roger: mom's step-dad, he is a retired insurance agent, as well as an avid golfer, and an even more avid lazy-boy user. he is the most likely of the grandparents to make ridiculous comments under his breath, which only my brother and i ever hear, and he is really unintentionally hysterical. which, in my opinion, may be the best kind of hysterical.

on saturday morning, we were supposed to have breakfast with the family at 8:30 in the morning, then leave for the graduation ceremony at 9:45ish, and come back in time for a late lunch around 2. i had planned on getting up around 9, because it wouldn't take me long to get ready for the day (and i'm a lazy bum who HATES mornings), but at 8am on the dot, i was awoken by the morning monster. it went something like this:

*slams door shut*

me: *grumblegrumblegrumble*

(repeat every 5 minutes for about 20 minutes)

i finally dragged myself out of bed to a mostly full house, as mimi forgot that we were meeting for breakfast and it takes her (approximately) 3 hours to get ready for anything, even with her face tattoos.

i quickly got ready, so i could (grumpily) join the family in the kitchen/den area, to only find grandma gail and my mother debating over whether our breakfast casserole was called "elegant eggs" or "eggs elegant". both sounded rather silly to me, especially at 8:50 in the morning, but that didn't stop me from eating 2 plates of them anyway. this was, of course, after dad was complaining because mother wouldn't let us eat until the biscuits were out of the oven, because breakfast in courses seemed like the most ridiculous thing in the world to her.

grandpa roger walks in (without mimi and muffin, as they were still getting ready) with two black bras in his hand, holding them out aaaalll proud for the whole house to see. he was bringing them for me, as my mother refused to let me wear a black dress with a white bra underneath it, and i forgot a black one, so she had asked mimi if i could borrow one. mimi had apparently agreed and sent grandpa roger from the hotel to bring two of them to me toot-suit *pause for confusion about that saying*.

note: when the bra i selected (the one without the lace and polka dots) fit, mimi then told me i could have it. this is her catch-phrase.

we all eventually piled into two cars and went to graduation (the temp was about 98 degrees at this point) out at the expo center, as it is the only place big enough to fit everyone, and we slowly milled in, not unlike the cattle that enter that very same place at the rodeo every year.

graduation was fine, deddeh and i sat next to each other and mostly played on our phones and cameras and scowled at the people who kept screaming and blowing those noise-maker horn things people use at football games (if someone can tell me what that is actually called, i will do everything in my power to get them wiped off of the planet completely...they are so annoying). there was actually a baby spotted with one.

when it was over, getting out of there took longer than it did to get in. it was, at this point, 110 degrees outside in my dear sweet west texas hometown, and thousands of people trying to get out of this giant cement building. fun was had by all. grandpa roger tried to steal my purse, claiming that it matched his outfit. we took a few pictures and my dad gave me the pleasure of finding the car and starting the ac (i was not complaining at my task). as my brother was looking for his girlfriend, but we were all about to have a heat stroke, my deddeh told my papa to take his van and get the grandparents home while we waited a little longer for my bro. he didn't listen, and instead sat in his car waiting for us to leave.

35 minutes later, we all made it back to my house, and i was exhausted. i turned the tv to food network and planned on chilling while i waited for lunch to happen, but when i took muffin outside to go to the bathroom, the grandpas had taken over the tv and switched it to golf. i admitted defeat and went to the back room to try and nap, but was unsuccessful as the lunch monster (another form of the morning monster) could be heard yelling from the front of the house:


me: *grumblegrumble*

we all ate to our hearts content. we had ham, this INCREDIBLE recipe called "green bean bundles" (i will share this recipe soon), rolls, and for dessert, red velvet cake. yum-o.

post-lunch, we all sat around and chatted for a while. papa started a conversation with me, "mackenzie, when i kick the bucket...". i laughed and let him continue to explain the 7 songs that i will be singing at his funeral. we then got on the topic of our heritage, and when asked about his specific heritage, he said (with a completely straight face, mind you), "oh, my family, they found us under rocks one day." like i said, papa is about as wise as they come. grammy also jumped in to talk about rolls, and how she never uses "sister sherbet". *sigh*

i had to leave shortly, as to get back home before it was too late, but not before i spotted all 3 grandpas napping on the couch (to golf, of course), mimi tried to give me (more) make up, and giving an extra long goodbye to sweet little muffin.

i miss them all already. it is a rare occasion indeed that we are all together like that, but it never fails to be interesting.

do any of you have crazy families? who is the craziest? i love crazy family stories (as you can tell). :)

m. wilson

Saturday, May 28, 2011

southern living

these past 24 hours have been totally insane. seeing the dynamic of all 6 of my grandparents together, plus my hectic mother, plus my dad and brother and 3 animals in the house....needless to say, it's been nuts.

as i need to get back to the wack tonight, i will be leaving soon, but i will be getting back to you all about my crazy family and our fun time together.

in the mean time: how cool are these!?!

m. wilson

Friday, May 27, 2011

i'd rather be sailing.

while my post title is not entirely true, i really do love going out on water of any sort, despite my ridiculous fear of invisible sharks (true story). i'm currently watching my two favorite tiny waconians, or rather, i was watching them before i put them to bed.

today was uneventful, aside from the fact that my sweet braeden FINALLY sat my friend nae and myself down to watch "kill bill" and "kill bill 2" back to back. he has been desperate to get nae and i to watch them, and i've got to say, i really loved both of them! they were witty, and funny, and extremely violent. loved it. both were made in a similar format to an old western/kung fu film, and if you haven't seen them, i highly suggest you do.

while the dialogue was brilliant, one line stood out in particular:

esteban (from pt. 2): being a fool for a woman such as yourself is always the right thing to do.

other than getting yummies and now babysitting, it's been a restful day.

another thought, the little ones and myself watched "the incredibles" before bedtime, and it got me thinking about super powers. i think if i could have one super power, it would be to be able to read minds. sometimes i'm terrible at reading people, and it drives me nuts!! this would just cut out all of the guess work.

(also, edna mode is my role model.)


so last night my computer died before i could post anything, but here it is. i'm currently in abilene for my brother's graduation tomorrow, and the whole family is currently posting it up at the house, so i've got to go, but i'm sure i will be posting family time pictures soon. :)


m. wilson

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i drew a map of canada. oh, canada...

diana krall has honestly changed my life. she is not only an incredible singer, but a LIFE CHANGING jazz pianist. one song in particular means more to me than i can really describe.

it is entitled "a case of you". it was originally recorded by joni mitchell in 1971 on her album "blue". i once read it was about her affair with leonard cohen, but don't quote me on that. i just thought it was interesting.

while i do love joni, i prefer diana's version of this song because of the simplicity of her sound with the simplicity of the song. her jazz piano skills really come into play in this song, too.


just before our love got lost you said
i am as constant as the northern star
and i said, constantly in the darkness
where's that at
if you want me i'll be in the bar

on the back of a cartoon coaster
in the blue tv screen light
i drew a map of canada
oh, canada
with your face sketched on it twice

oh, you're in my blood like holy wine
you taste so bitter and you taste so sweet
oh, i could drink a case of you, darling
and still be on my feet
i'd still be on my feet

oh, i am a lonely painter
i live in a box of paints
i'm frightened by the devil
and i'm drawn to those ones that ain't
i remember that time you told me
love is touching souls
surely you touched mine
part of you pours out of me
in these lines from time to time

ooh, you're in my blood like holy wine
you taste so bitter and you taste so sweet
oh, i could drink a case of you,
i could drink a case of you, darling
and still be on my feet
and still be on my feet

i met a woman she had a mouth like yours
she knew your life
she knew your devils and your deeds
and she said, go to him
stay with him if you care
but be prepared to bleed

oh, you're in my blood like holy wine
you taste so bitter and you taste so sweet
oh, i could drink a case of you, darling
and still be on my feet
i'd still be on my feet


m. wilson

home is whenever i'm with you.

braeden is the light of my life. we have been best friends since we were 2, spent 10 years apart, found each other on myspace, dated, broke up (due to our interest in the same gender), and now are best friends. it never ceases to amaze us how we spent so much time without each other, and still turned out to be so compatible. as it was once said, our destinies are "intertwines like vines."

as he is moving to colorado shortly, we have decided to monopolize each others' time -- and we're sort of fine with that. today, we started out the day (at noon, obviously) by going to d's mediterranean grill, which is honestly completely worth the drive. i had a gyro and braeden had a falafel sandwich. so. yummy. we then parted ways for a few hours so he could visit our sweet friend, lauren. we met up later with plans to visit the boyfriend at his workplace in fort worth (as we were feeling up to a road trip), but 2 minutes before we left, he got cut! we then decided to go to this incredible vegan restaurant called spiral diner, but then a tornado (or four) hit. we took a quick detour to weatherford to visit some friends at the local ihop, then stopped by my sweet love hanna's house to say hello. hilarity ensued as we gave her sweet kitten, flo, a russian mobster voice. to be completely honest, we would like to say it was russian, but ultimately our accents changed just about every other word. braeden and i had an awesome drive back, full of damien rice, regina spektor, and margot and the nuclear so and so's.

we are currently back at my apartment, watching 'sex and the city'. a perfect end to a perfect night.

lord only knows what we will be up to for the rest of this week, but you can be sure that you will be informed. :)

quote of the day:
flo: you owe me a bug. like...two really big bugs.

m. wilson

Monday, May 23, 2011

home again, home again, jiggity-jobless.

new york could not have been more perfect. (sore legs aside) this trip was the most fun i've had in quite some time. and now i'm back in texas, and my plans are thusly:

1. get back to the wack and visit my sweet friend braeden as he will be leaving for colorado soon. :(
2. find a job. this is never an easy task in the summer.
3. sleep more.
4. stay awake less.
5. eat lebanese food as often as possible.
6. try not to miss new york too terribly much.

i will have summer school in july, but other than that my plans are relatively limited, and i like it that way. i often use summer as a time to travel and visit friends and spend some time for myself. i'm sure many adventures will ensue, although i doubt any could top my trip to new york. coming back home was bittersweet, as i am glad to be back with my car and my friends, but i really do miss nyc already. but what a wonderful start to my summer! this trip was a great cap-off to a hectic school year, and i'm so grateful i got the opportunity to see miss sarah.

things i love today:

1. red lips.

2. sally hansen salon effects

3. falafel. (yumm-o!)

4. this silk turban.

Printed Silk Turban

5. this song.


hope you enjoy!

m. wilson

source 1
source 2
source 3
source 4
source 5

Saturday, May 21, 2011

red lips in the city

as today was the last day of our adventures, sarah and i travelled far and long. we started off at doughnut planet where we met sarah's sweet friend molly. molly and i both got coconut cream-filled doughnuts and sarah got a creme brulee doughnut. needless to say, they were amazing. even though we waited in line for 20+ minutes -- totally worth it. sarah and i parted ways with miss molly and crossed the williamsburg bridge to get to brooklyn! we passed through a hasidic jewish community and were stared at as we were dressed very differently than the rest of them. we came across an insanely awesome find, which was this antique shop in the middle of urban brooklyn. we then found a southern soul food-type pub called five spot, where we both had incredible food. i ordered the mac and 7 cheeses and cole slaw, while sarah also got the mac and cheese and the most incredible chicken fingers i have ever tasted. we continued on where we were a bit accosted by some men on the street (as the world was planning on ending at 6pm -- oops) but we were having too good of a time to let it get us down.

we walked through a lovely area of brooklyn called cobble hill, and it was unbelievably gorgeous. sarah and i have made the official decision to move to brooklyn and probably join the hasidic jewish community.

we then spend the 'end of the world' at the ikea in brooklyn, and afterwards took the ferry back to manhattan. the view was AMAZING even though it was rather cold out on the water. sarah and i quickly hopped on a bus and popped on over to plump dumpling and had the most incredible dumplings i've ever eaten. i made the clean plate club again.

i'm really, truly sad to be leaving nyc (especially since my flight leaves at 8:30 am) but i know i will be making my way back up here soon for more incredible adventures with my favorite cousin sarah. i really miss her already, even though she is currently blogging right next to me. :)

quote of the day:
me (reading a sign): ray's gourmet...i don't trust any place to be 'gourmet' if it sells shampoo...

m. wilson