Saturday, April 30, 2011

a lovely day with hanna and babs.

well, it was a lovely trip indeed. miss hanna and i had a wonderful time running around, talking, taking photos, blogging together, etc. we went on a photo RAMPAGE out in her several interesting backyards (it's like a compound back there, there is so much cool forgotten stuff) and i am bringing the proof to you......nnnnow.

first, a stop at the local waffle house.
i love hanna's bangles, she pulls them off so well!

hanna's new kitty flo. she's precious, especially when she's
paired with the russian mobster voice hanna gives her.

hanna's boy, rob. he loves his manigans.

they have CHICKENS. i tried to befriend them, but
they were clearly having a bad day and just ran.

i tend to forget that i've recently hurt
my ankle when there is a trampoline.

i love this old trailer. it is the coolest color ever.

2 girls + 2 cameras = 40 billion retakes.

and to close, rob made this for hanna. it's name is 'thing' and
i love it.

stories through pictures are my absolute favorite. 
there will be many more to come. :)

m. wilson

Friday, April 29, 2011

well, for starters...

welcome to my blog! i can't guarantee it will always be a page turner, but i will do my best. today, i am visiting my lovely friend miss hanna. she is the most fantastic canadian you will ever meet.

we have many things planned for the day, which include (but are not limited to) blogging, crafting (and by crafting i mean she will craft and i will make a huge mess), possibly go swing dancing with her lovely fiance rob, and go to a cute little restaurant which we have fondly nick-named the "drivers piner". (long story.) 

it should be an eventful evening, and i will be sure to post pictures asap. (as sillily as possible.) 

m. wilson