Saturday, June 11, 2011

bad news bears

(photo via this guy)

i swear, very soon i will stop blogging about my phone situation. but that day is not today.

here's a rundown of what's happening right now in my life (as my phone IS my life, let's be honest):

1. drops iphone 4 in a toilet.
2. grieves.
3. gets iphone 3GS from a friend of my deddeh's. (seemingly in perfect condition.)
4. notices that phone sucks. (95% of the time won't text, call, get service, etc.)
5. takes phone to att and is told that the phone is simply broken and nothing can be done.
6. grieves.

honestly, i would LOVE a working iphone, but at this point, i would just really love to be able to get in touch with the world. i really am sorry that most of my blogging recently has been dedicated to my phone woes, but hopefully this will not continue as the universe will bring me a fully functioning phone.

on a better note, my birthday is in 19 days! and my one year with my boy is 3 days after that. there will be much celebrating. :) and many much pictures.

in the mean time, i would like to share a funny photo. i hope it brightens your day.

i've had this for years and it still makes me laugh.

also, look at how cool this blog is!!

have a wonderful night, my friends.

m. wilson

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