Wednesday, September 28, 2011

being busy makes me a bad blogger: an iphone pic tribute

 soooo, as i am ridiculously busy these days and my time is filled with absolutely NOTHING of extreme interest, i have really slacked on my blogging. sorry, y'all. i will try and get back on this bandwagon soon. in the mean time, here are a few photos from the past few weeks.

1. funniest email i've ever recieved.
2. me as a frat boy i.e. casual choir uniform.
3. parents weekend at pei wei.
4. when that dumb guy hit my car...i mean, you can BARELY see it, but still.
5. pahaha...
6. my cat is funny.
7. my roomate is funny.
8. texas: where palm trees come to die.

best wishes, everyone! i hope you've had a glamorous fall so far.

m. wilson

Saturday, September 10, 2011

in 3 weeks time

nobody can really epitomize what going back to school feels like like my sweet juno can. this has pretty much been my face for the past few weeks. this post is a bit of an apology for being so shotty in my posting, but also to give a little insight as to what's been going on around here...

well, school is officially back in full-swing. 19 hours, 2 operas, a senior recital to worry about, and a part time job. who ever said that senior year was supposed to be easy was a liar. this is certainly my busiest semester yet. blah. enough complaining. on a better note, here are a few things that have gone down since school started up again:

1. i have managed to not break a phone. yet. *knock on wood*

2. i have also managed to park close enough to a drunk idiot to get my car scratched up. dumb.

3. i have watched the 'sondheim birthday concert' about 6 times in order to keep my sanity in tact.

4. i have discovered my drunk kitchen and truly stopped caring about everything else in my life. this girl is hilarious.

5. i have ran over 133 freshmen with my car.

6. i have discovered how much i love 'egg in the basket's. they are perfect for a quick snack.

7. i have painted my nails TWICE (for the first time in years) in order to see if i could stop biting my nails. it's working.

8. i have fallen back in love with canned green beans.

9. i have attended approximately 3000 rehearsals.

10. i have been reminded of how great my school friends are.

11. i have become aware of how far 1,132 miles exactly is. it's pretty damn far, y'all.

basically, school is school. we all tend to live weekend to weekend, don't we? i am trying to live afternoon to afternoon at this point, haha. the weekends are always too far away.

music for fall 2011:






have a good week.

m. wilson

Saturday, September 3, 2011

deep thoughts: by mackenzie (back to school edition)

as once again we all find ourselves back to the old grindstone, (i'm not entirely sure if that's the phrase, but for today, let's just pretend that i'm right,) i've decided to come up with a few 'deep thoughts rules' for how i believe things should be around campus. namely for survival, and the general happiness of all students.

if you are a freshman leaving collins, and you are crossing the street when i am CLEARLY only feet from you, ignoring me completely doesn't make me want to run you over any less.

if you take 2000 hours asking about all of the different drinks at common grounds when there are people behind you in line, you deserve a good kick in the pants. watch out, y'all.

if you don't befriend people outside of your major, you will end up wanting to jump off of the garage-mahal.

if you get hungry at 1am, occasionally try some self-respect and eat at the 24 hour subway, don't always go straight for penland. it gets worse every time.

if you think that you see a friend of yours walking around campus, call them to make sure before you yell at them. there are a trillion people at this school, you will almost always be incorrect.

if a squirrel gets frighteningly close to you, don't make eye contact, just keep walking. they can smell your fear.

if you are *that guy* that runs the bear trail all delicious without a shirt, for the love of PETE, keep it up. you may get a few honks from me, but it really is for the greater common good..

happy studies, y'all!

m. wilson