Monday, June 6, 2011

from ashes to phoenix, blah blah blah...

so, the status on my phone is still totally postal. i tried the 'rice bowl' trick (which is supposed to suck all of the liquid out of one's phone), but unfortunately the damage had been done. that being said, i am trying to move on with my life as best as i can, by getting a 3GS. no more face time, but i'm glad to be able to stay in the apple family. it's been a tough past couple days, to say the least. i realized how much i use my phone, but i can honestly say, i had no idea how much i NEED it. my entire life is in that phone. without it, i have forgotten how to get anywhere (gps?), ignored my email completely (they still allow that on computers?), and managed to stay out of touch with the entire world. i have spent the last hour at my boyfriend's house trying to work the tv, and getting the internet up. they have a house line here (what is THAT?!) but it's currently out of order due to the dsl causing some sort of interference blah blah blah...point is, i feel like i'm stuck in some sort of post-apocalyptic waste-land, where iphones and mackenzies alike go to die.

how dramatic. but seriously, it is time to move on, but never forget my sweet, sweet phone. in honor of it, i will post the last few pictures that made it onto my lappy before it met it's doom. *cue sarah mclachlan music*

in the aaaarrrrmmmmssss oooffff ann aaannnngggeeeelllllllllll......

m. wilson


  1. The whole time I was scrolling through your pictures I kept singing, 'I will remember you, will you remember me.' ha! I am sorry about your phone though-- RIP:(

  2. haha, thanks! i have my new phone now, good news: it's not working either. SOON THOUGH!! i will have a fully functioning phone. it will happen. *i will reememmbberr yooooouuuuuu...*


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