Saturday, June 25, 2011

on the road like jack kerouac

*whew* sorry for the overload of pictures, but so much has happened in the past week! i started off my adventure by going to fort worth to visit some friends and my favorite boy, david. as david had to work quite a bit, i got to spend times with my great friend, brian. we went to this AWESOME coffee shop called avoca coffee shop, where they roast their own coffee beans literally feet from the front counter. it was so cool! brian got a mocha and a tea and i got a latte and a tea. (everything was local -- go texas!)

david and i got to have a date a few days later (he was so busy with work) and we went to the cheesecake factory in arlington, where i had the most incredible burger ever. i can't believe i've never had an egg burger before! my life is changed for the better.

note the picture of david trying to not smile: he recently got braces. :) precious.

and then the big switch to austin pictures, starting with the iron man slippers. i decided to take a trip to austin to visit my best friend hayley as she'll be in kyle (just south of austin) all summer doing an internship at a wedding venue. we spent most of our time watching movies, eating, and thrifting. it was so much fun, and we came across quite a few treasures on our trip...we even had a chip party. we had guacamole, queso, beans, and tomatillo salsa. it was amazing. we also stopped for italian ice and custard at rita's. if you live near one of these, (which you probably do), you should go by and get a mango italian ice. it was soooo yummy. the custard there wasn't half bad either.

i also got to spend some time with my friend hanna, her boyfriend rob, and their roommates sarah and paul. we had a great time running around and hanging out at the house. we watched an incredible mini-series called "dead set" which is probably the best zombie film i've ever seen. if you're a zombie addict like myself, you HAVE to check it out. on the other hand, we also watched a movie called "rubber" which was a "horror" flick about a tire named robert who was telepathic and could blow things up with it's "mind". it was so dumb.

hanna also invited me to go to a party with her out in wimberly. her old theatre teacher invited us to go out and jam at this INCREDIBLE house (shaped like an octagon) and hang out with the most select older hippies i have ever come in contact with. it was the house of the man who does dirty car art, scott wade. if you haven't seen his work, check it out, cause it's awesome. also, the world famous accordion player ponty bone was at the party. he has played with bands like the clash: he is the real deal. basically, ponty and his friends got up on the stage the wades created on their porch, and jammed all night. it was a sight to see, this party was full of some of the coolest people you'll ever meet. (sorry for the poor quality of some of these pictures, my camera was unfortunately dead for part of my trip and i had to use my phone).

last but not least, i saw this...piece of art (?) inside of the epoch coffee shop. i thought it was very reminiscent of "a christmas story".

it was a fun trip, all in all. i got to see a lot of friends, eat a lot of great food, and hang out at a lot of really cool places. and now onto bigger things! BIRTHDAY WEEK. my birthday is in t-5 days, and it's going to be wonderful. i will be back in austin (duh) and hanging out in fort worth afterward in order to celebrate my anniversary with my boy. :) it's gonna be good.

enjoy the coming week, everyone.

m. wilson

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  1. ok, it sounds like you pretty much had the best week ever. now i want to go to austin so bad! if i do i am going to hit you up for those thrift stores:) hope the birthday week is even better. summer birthdays are the best! (mine's july 7:)


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