Thursday, May 19, 2011


as an addition to my earlier post, i would like all of you to know that as i was perusing through some blogs, i found this...

...stuck to my arm.

*sigh* my sweet cousin sarah has a problem. an addiction, really. the culprit?

wint-o-greens. since sarah discovered them in high school, she has been completely hooked. by what she has told me, she eats approximately 90 of these guys a day. i wish i were kidding. 

and now as she sleeps soundly next to me, i have decided to try and help her. i tend to be an enabler. 

if you would like to help miss sarah continue on in her quest to eat every single wint-o-green on the planet, please follow her blog here and i'm sure some sort of correspondence can allow you to mail her a box or two. 

do it for love.

m. wilson

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