Saturday, May 21, 2011

red lips in the city

as today was the last day of our adventures, sarah and i travelled far and long. we started off at doughnut planet where we met sarah's sweet friend molly. molly and i both got coconut cream-filled doughnuts and sarah got a creme brulee doughnut. needless to say, they were amazing. even though we waited in line for 20+ minutes -- totally worth it. sarah and i parted ways with miss molly and crossed the williamsburg bridge to get to brooklyn! we passed through a hasidic jewish community and were stared at as we were dressed very differently than the rest of them. we came across an insanely awesome find, which was this antique shop in the middle of urban brooklyn. we then found a southern soul food-type pub called five spot, where we both had incredible food. i ordered the mac and 7 cheeses and cole slaw, while sarah also got the mac and cheese and the most incredible chicken fingers i have ever tasted. we continued on where we were a bit accosted by some men on the street (as the world was planning on ending at 6pm -- oops) but we were having too good of a time to let it get us down.

we walked through a lovely area of brooklyn called cobble hill, and it was unbelievably gorgeous. sarah and i have made the official decision to move to brooklyn and probably join the hasidic jewish community.

we then spend the 'end of the world' at the ikea in brooklyn, and afterwards took the ferry back to manhattan. the view was AMAZING even though it was rather cold out on the water. sarah and i quickly hopped on a bus and popped on over to plump dumpling and had the most incredible dumplings i've ever eaten. i made the clean plate club again.

i'm really, truly sad to be leaving nyc (especially since my flight leaves at 8:30 am) but i know i will be making my way back up here soon for more incredible adventures with my favorite cousin sarah. i really miss her already, even though she is currently blogging right next to me. :)

quote of the day:
me (reading a sign): ray's gourmet...i don't trust any place to be 'gourmet' if it sells shampoo...

m. wilson

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