Wednesday, May 25, 2011

home is whenever i'm with you.

braeden is the light of my life. we have been best friends since we were 2, spent 10 years apart, found each other on myspace, dated, broke up (due to our interest in the same gender), and now are best friends. it never ceases to amaze us how we spent so much time without each other, and still turned out to be so compatible. as it was once said, our destinies are "intertwines like vines."

as he is moving to colorado shortly, we have decided to monopolize each others' time -- and we're sort of fine with that. today, we started out the day (at noon, obviously) by going to d's mediterranean grill, which is honestly completely worth the drive. i had a gyro and braeden had a falafel sandwich. so. yummy. we then parted ways for a few hours so he could visit our sweet friend, lauren. we met up later with plans to visit the boyfriend at his workplace in fort worth (as we were feeling up to a road trip), but 2 minutes before we left, he got cut! we then decided to go to this incredible vegan restaurant called spiral diner, but then a tornado (or four) hit. we took a quick detour to weatherford to visit some friends at the local ihop, then stopped by my sweet love hanna's house to say hello. hilarity ensued as we gave her sweet kitten, flo, a russian mobster voice. to be completely honest, we would like to say it was russian, but ultimately our accents changed just about every other word. braeden and i had an awesome drive back, full of damien rice, regina spektor, and margot and the nuclear so and so's.

we are currently back at my apartment, watching 'sex and the city'. a perfect end to a perfect night.

lord only knows what we will be up to for the rest of this week, but you can be sure that you will be informed. :)

quote of the day:
flo: you owe me a bug. like...two really big bugs.

m. wilson

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