Wednesday, May 11, 2011

stylish is not my middle name.

as a fabulous and wonderful blogger, my sweet cousin sarah has been nominated for a stylish blogger award! and as part of the rules, she nominates other new bloggers as well, so she nominated me! i feel so honored. :)

as part of the "rules" in receiving this stylish blogger award, you must link and recognize whomever nominated you (see above). you must also list off seven random things about yourself.

my facts:
1. for about 4 years now i've been growing my hair into a ridiculous waist-length, completely untamable mane, and last saturday i chopped it off into a shoulder-length bob-type cut. it felt so liberating!
2. i'm currently studying classical voice, but i really just want to sing jazz forever.
3. my favorite color is gray.
4. i'm related to abe lincoln (sorry for stealing yours, bear.) 
5. i am clumsy as all get out. my freshman year of college alone, i broke my foot, chronically sprained my ankle, and tore my meniscus which resulted in surgery.
6. i have a ridiculous obsession with the name 'd'artagnan'. i think it is regal and hysterical. it is also the name of my first car.
7. this makes me desperately want a tropical vacation. and maybe something coconut-y...

as such a new blogger, i am having a hard time discovering other new bloggers! odd predicament, no? if you have any suggestions as to other young and upcoming bloggers that you think are worthy of the stylist blogger award, please let me know so i can share the love.

and to close, moments where i have felt the most stylish:

prepping for a performance of "charlie's aunt" in high school with sarah and our friend taylor.

going on an adventure for the sake of food with my freshman roommate, mer.
getting my hair dyed in one of those fancy upside-down bowls.

playing dress up, age 4.

i'm feeling more stylish already.

m. wilson

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