Friday, May 6, 2011

music to love today.

sometimes when i get in a funk for no apparent reason, i later realize that it's because i hadn't been listening to enough music at the time. and i don't mean music that i have to listen to for school, but just really truly fantastic music.

recent favorites to play on repeat have been:

1. rolling in the deep -- adele

let's be honest, her whole new album is fabulous. she is fabulous. this may not even be my favorite on the album (it's really hard to decide with so many good songs) but this is the song that i keep coming back to. it's an incredibly raw reflection on a bad break-up which...let's be honest...we can all relate to. it's got a 60's twist to it with back-up singers (probably adele dubbed over...which i don't have a problem with) to keep things moving. point is: it is the real deal. and a fantastic driving song. win.

2. the tide pulls from the moon -- william fitzsimmons 

william fitzsimmons is amazing. i had the privilege of seeing him live this past summer in ft. worth, and it was one of my favorite live shows to date. his sound is a lot like iron and wine, but if you can believe it, more depressing. and everyone needs some solid masochistic depressing music every once in a while. i first heard this, actually, in the show "private practice". anyway, this song is wonderful. this one is really good for nighttime driving.

3. valerie -- amy winehouse

fact: amy winehouse is a bit nuts. other fact: the nuts ones make the best music. simply put, this song is good mildly-dirty fun. it's great for when you first wake up. :)

i will probably make more installations toward just-music blogging. i love it, and i love sharing my most recent favorites. if anyone has any good suggestions for summer music, i'm about to start compiling a mix for driving, and other silliness. 

m. wilson

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