Friday, May 20, 2011

dog problems in the city/hurt feet in the city

i realize now that i seem like a liar because i didn't post any pictures yesterday, BUT last night i was just so exhausted after all of our adventures that i passed out pretty quickly. i will make it up to you nnnnnnow...

 no one is texas is allowed to complain anymore...but never fear, it was 30 cents less in harlem.

sarah and i went to chelsea and walked along the beautiful high line.

 christopher park.

goodburger is real, y'all. 

i was literally in love with this pup. unfortunately, she cost $1500. and i have about $15.

clean plate club.

crust club. (obviously sarah's plate.)

i loved this more than words can say.

sarah and i really have had quite a trip thus far. as of today, we have literally walked from the bottom to the top of manhattan island. as it is 13.4 miles long, it took us three days worth of walking, several pairs of soaking wet shoes, and thousands of sore muscles, but we did it. and we are rather proud, if we do say so ourselves.

since my most recent post, we have gone back up through chelsea to the upper east side, and today from the upper east side through harlem and into washington heights. we then took the train back downtown, as the walk would have taken a few more hours and our legs felt like they were about to quit on us. regardless, we have had so much fun! eaten some wonderful food at places like 2 bros pizza and guayoyo (which happens to be sarah's favorite place to eat, and is quickly hitting the top of my list.) we have seen at least 5 different filming sites, including one for 'law and order: criminal intent', which has been rather exciting. and although i'm not sure on celebrity sightings, i'm almost positive we walked past chloĆ« sevigny once. although it is entirely possible that it was purely wishful thinking.

things i have found that new yorkers like (as of this week):

1. staring.
2. pugs -- i have literally seen between 10-15 since arriving here. (see pic 43)
3. selling janky umbrellas.
4. floral tights.
5. cash ONLY.
6. falafel.
7. babies in strollers.
8. native american music in subway stations.
9. may 21 = end of the world.
10. being new yorkers.

we have been everywhere from tiffany's to my new favorite spot, parrots and pups. tomorrow will be a whole 'nother day, where we plan on travelling through the lower east side to get to brooklyn, which is apparently the new place 'to be'. we're trying to dress extra cool just in case. i will let you know how that goes.

quote of the day:
(upon entering washington heights)
me: toto, i don't think we're in manhattan anymore...
sarah: we're still in manhattan.

m. wilson


mm whatcha say?