Wednesday, May 18, 2011

drowned rat in the city.

well, one could never tell me that today was not an adventure!

bear and i made quite a trip, starting in the financial district and looping down to battery park and up through some other parts of new york which i cannot currently remember. i do remember lots of things that we saw, and unfortunately i do not currently have my camera cord in order to show you all of the fabulous things we saw today! i will be getting back to that soon (i.e. by tomorrow).

the weather was absolutely insane, it went from chilly to very hot (with a steaming side of humidity) to a torrential DOWNPOUR! but did that stop us? it never has before. we trekked on like real troopers to reach all of our destinations for the day. we also got to enjoy several delights at local eateries including a guacamole taco and one incredibly delicious vanilla milkshake in chelsea market.
in the immortal words of rachael ray: yumm-o.

something important that new york is a constant reminder of: the world is incredibly vast. (this is drawn from the fact that new york is incredibly vast). it is a great reminder, but also a scary one. it's amazing to be so stunned by such a beautiful city and so humbled at the same time. this has been deep thoughts, by mackenzie wilson.

once again, i'm sorry for the lack of pictures for today, but i promise i will make it up to you all soon. there will be a torrential downpour of pictures.

m. wilson

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