Monday, May 16, 2011

here comes the bride: part two (otherwise known as: get me to the church on time)

hello friends.
everyone survived the wedding in one piece! it was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was quite literally perfect.

the best way to show as much of this past week as thoroughly as i can is through pictures.

the bridesmaids and miss kayla went out for lunch at hickory street.
they have the most fantastic zucchini bread you will ever taste!

this trip, of course, included some family time.
dad took the boyfriend and myself out for 'a taste of asia'.

my pup, gretle and my kitty, cookie. they are friends.

dad will never be found without his bluetooth. 

miss gretle is so sweet. she loves going to the groomers
but always ends up with just one bow.

the rehearsal dinner was luau themed since kayla and jarrod's
honeymoon was (is) in hawai'i. i played with the table decor.

priceless faces.

everyone told stories, and we all cried. this is gran.

the next day (the day of the wedding) i took kayla to get
her hair done, then literally sped to the church.

her flower girl was precious. you will notice several 
pictures including her.

miss beth (kayla's mom) was like a beautiful, sparkly,
somewhat frantic, champagne-colored dream.

it wouldn't be a texas wedding without unnecessary dirt.

some things really don't change. 
thank goodness.

this was about the time when i started bawling.

this was the moment when the ordinator asked if i was
done singing so he could have his mic back. 
notice me trying not to laugh.

kayla looked like a princess.

old friends.

old friends and bubbles.

gerber daisies have always been kay's favorite. 

all in all, it was a wonderful wedding. and now they are on their honeymoon! i know it's going to be a blast. i really do wish all the happiness in the world to them. they deserve it. :)

and now onto something completely different! new york. i've been in ft. worth the past few days visiting my boyfriend and his family, but tomorrow i am off on a different adventure. my sweet cousin sarah is having a birthday tomorrow and i am getting the pleasure of visiting her!!! i have a flight to catch in the morning, so i must be off to bed, but there will be a new york themed installment soon. (as well as on her blog--you should check it out, she is adorable.)

m. wilson

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