Wednesday, May 11, 2011

here comes the bride: part one

so. one of my dearest friends in the whole world (we've been practically sisters since 8th grade) is getting MARRIED on saturday!! i couldn't be more excited or happy for her, because she deserves all the happiness in the world. miss kayla and mr. jarrod will be tying the knot at their small country church followed by a lovely reception where we can all eat, drink (punch only) and be merry.

this is us from back in senior year. honestly, we haven't changed much and i prefer it that way. as of now, i don't have any photos of the happy couple on hand, but you can be sure that there will be several once the big day arrives.

i was lucky enough to get to be kayla's maid of honor, and unfortunately i wasn't around to be able to do all of the "maid of honor tasks" as i was in school in waco and she was in abilene for most of the wedding planning process. BUT, that being said, i have also made it my goal to be the most fantastic maid of honor that i can possibly be with what little time i have left to do so.

when i arrived home on sunday, i knew there was a great deal to be done this you can see from my schedule, my job is going to be a tough one:

wed: lunch with kayla and the other bridesmaids at hickory street cafe. (known especially for their incredible zucchini bread. i plan on eating a few loaves.)
thu: bachelorette party.
fri: lingerie party, "last-single-girl night" sleepover (consisting of lots of food and movies such as "father of the bride" and "my big fat greek wedding".)
sat: go with kayla to get her hair done and get her to the church on time!

kayla has also given me the honor of letting me sing at her wedding. the song she picked is just precious and so sweet and i will probably have to choke my way through most of it. it's a "peter, paul, and mary" song entitled simply, "the wedding song".

as a pre-duty duty of mine, kayla, her roommate abigail and i all put on face masks for fun last night. kayla still had some homework to do as she is still finishing up her finals (quite literally just in time for the wedding) but we made time to turn blue anyway.

point is: i love this girl. and i am so excited for this wedding to happen! look forward to several more installations towards this wedding and all of the fun it will be. :)

m. wilson

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  1. well don't you girls look lovely!
    i can't believe this is the weekend!!
    also, i have awarded you the stylish blogger award (:
    love youuu

    get here faster..


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