Monday, May 23, 2011

home again, home again, jiggity-jobless.

new york could not have been more perfect. (sore legs aside) this trip was the most fun i've had in quite some time. and now i'm back in texas, and my plans are thusly:

1. get back to the wack and visit my sweet friend braeden as he will be leaving for colorado soon. :(
2. find a job. this is never an easy task in the summer.
3. sleep more.
4. stay awake less.
5. eat lebanese food as often as possible.
6. try not to miss new york too terribly much.

i will have summer school in july, but other than that my plans are relatively limited, and i like it that way. i often use summer as a time to travel and visit friends and spend some time for myself. i'm sure many adventures will ensue, although i doubt any could top my trip to new york. coming back home was bittersweet, as i am glad to be back with my car and my friends, but i really do miss nyc already. but what a wonderful start to my summer! this trip was a great cap-off to a hectic school year, and i'm so grateful i got the opportunity to see miss sarah.

things i love today:

1. red lips.

2. sally hansen salon effects

3. falafel. (yumm-o!)

4. this silk turban.

Printed Silk Turban

5. this song.


hope you enjoy!

m. wilson

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