Friday, July 29, 2011

knick knack paddy whack

i've recently come to the realization that in the past few weeks (mostly from birthday goodies), i have accumulated an incredible array of knick knacks. my life has gotten exponentially cooler, so i felt like sharing some of these things with you.  

1.) denture-shaped ice tray. be jealous, it never stops being funny.
2.) mustache wine glasses. i got 4 different glasses, and they all have different styles of mustaches on them.
3.) chain links ring (from
4.) vintage dooney and bourke with a precious scarf tied onto the handle.
5.) gorgeous feather necklace my lovely roommate made for me.
6.) yummy lotion with a pretty print.
7.) pretty sign (also made my rach).
8.) 2-carat mug. put your ring finger in the tiny ring, and you're fancier than you ever imagined you could be.
9.) mustache cork screw.

my friends know me so well. :) thanks guys, for all of the awesome knick knacks.

also, if you have the 'knick knack paddy whack' song stuck in your head all day, you will be in good company.

m. wilson

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  1. you do know that the accumulation of said items is a sign of age...just sayin'


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