Thursday, July 7, 2011

it's been a long time

this past week has been CRAZY! and part of that craziness was me forgetting my camera. for every little bit of it. *sigh* so as you can see, all of my pictures are from my iphone. forgive me, i'll do my best to never make that mistake again...there was so much to document! i started my birthday by heading over to a local bar by the name of crickets with my sweet roomie rachael and our friend adam. it was a great night, to say the least. david came into town and we headed off to austin to visit friends and be merry.

after celebrating birthday-style, david and i had our one year (woo!) and for our date, went to simply fondue in downtown fort worth. neither of us have been there before, but it's been a dream of ours for a while. then, we headed on over to the scat jazz lounge which was (luckily) right next door to simply fondue (there are literally holes in my feet from my choice of footwear for the night). we had a great time in the chill atmosphere, listening to the incredible live jazz and enjoying ourselves. needless to say, we will be going back. :)

note: the pug statue. this was my gift from david for our one-year. her name is blossom. :)

after my trip to fort worth, i headed home to abilene to visit the fam. on the night of my arrival, dad had decided that we needed a new grill, so dinner was delayed for 2 hours while he put it together, haha. it was completely worth it, we've had the same grill since the early 90's and it was about time for it to go to that giant golden spatula/wood chip/charcoal land in the sky. dad doesn't really miss it. 

overall, it was a wonderful trip and i will be sure to get back to blogging properly (with a real camera and everything). there won't be as many trips, as i am now in class 5 days a week. i think it's only fair to say that 8am doesn't agree with me.

m. wilson


  1. i don't know what i loved more: the pictures of your parents or the pictures of gretel and cookie with blossom.

  2. again, yay for july birthdays! anytime you want to hit me up for a coffee date i am there! do you live in ft worth? have you ever been to intelligentsia?

    ps--your pug statue is awesome

  3. negative! but i am always up in the area, so i will come up and we will party it up texas-style. :)


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