Thursday, July 14, 2011

nocturnal musings: what nip/tuck has taught me

hello my friends.

i apologize for my absence, but recently i've been very caught up in three things:

1. my french class. it goes from 8-11:15am every day, and it's really taking it out of me.
2. sleeping.
3. nip/tuck, my most recent addiction.

nip/tuck is virtually a soap opera stuck in the body of a normal drama. the acting is better, the dialogue is better, and the cinematography is better. the context of the story, however, is soap opera to the very core. upon discovering this series on netflix (tgfn) i promptly threw myself into it, because i was always very curious as to what all the fuss was about. i heard about nip/tuck when it first came out, and occasionally during the seasons through friends, etc. but honestly, i knew little about it. i just finished the series finale, and now i know everything.

when watching nip/tuck one finds themselves asking (every episode, about every ten minutes): 'what could POSSIBLY go wrong next?'. every single episode brings new problems and road-blocks to the characters. it is probably my most depressing tv addiction yet. watching this show, all you want (in the tv show and your own life) is for things to just go right for one of the characters, even for a second! it is the most frustrating thing to watch, maybe ever. and i truly invest myself in my tv shows. but if i were to completely divulge myself in shows, i would be in tears right now, because i fell in love with the characters and their screwed up lives. so, as to alleviate my withdrawals, i'm going to look on the sunny side of things. what did i really learn from nip/tuck?

1.) infidelity never EVER pays off. (everyone cheats on everyone in this show. it makes for interesting tv, but all you really want for them is to make good decisions for once...)
2.) no matter how much they dedicate themselves to their work, plastic surgeons know that their line of work is sometimes (most of the time) superficial. (unless they're doing some sort of reconstructive surgery on a victim or something...which does happen...)
3.) one should never let someone else run their life's journey.
4.) you will never forget your first love.
5.) no matter how bad things get, they could always be worse.
6.) being a doctor doesn't necessarily make you smart.
7.) the past will almost always come back to bite you in the ass.

...nip/tuck didn't change my life. my heart is extremely fickle, i'm already watching reruns from the 'house wednesday' marathon that happens every wednesday on sleuth. ahhhh....l'amour....

on a completely different note, my sweet friend hanna is coming into town tomorrow. i'm very excited. :) more soon, friends.

m. wilson

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