Wednesday, July 20, 2011

car racing and mind racing. mar racing.

after a car ride from across town back to my apartment, i realized that i had gone through so many different thoughts on so many different subjects. it went a little something like this:

1. sometimes i wish i could trade out my personality like i can my sim card. seriously though, it would be awesome to just wake up one day a total biker chick with black hair and more tattoos and a wardrobe made entirely of leather and fringe. i would wear dark(er) make up and not care about anything but riding across the country and enjoying good music and good company and probably get into bar fights and WIN THEM and never wash my hair but have it look awesome anyway...*breathes* that would be cool.

2. i don't get how people can look up song meanings like they can song lyrics. i mean, obviously people are going to be able to interpret some songs, and some are easy enough to figure out...but really, what do we know about a song unless we talk to the people who wrote it? i guess it's just about how you see the songs. maybe that's the entire point. ugh. i just want to be able to listen to a song and say "that is my LIFE" and know that i'm not crazy or making it about something that it's not. maybe that's not possible. maybe i'm just going in circles.

3. i could really use some caffeine. let's fix this.

4. sometimes i think the people at the local exxon are all i need. they know who i am, what i drink...they know how many times i will show up during any given 8 hour time slot. (3, the last time they pointed it out.) they're nice and call me funny pet names and sometimes ask about my problems if i seem upset. they are always open, always there. they may be some of the most reliable relationships i have. my relationships with my local fountain drink vendors. is there really any greater love?

5. this new phone (new to me, that is) types slower than my last one. but at least it makes calls when i ask it politely.

6. my car is dirty again. how does this happen!? what...wait...what is that?? a cotton ball!? i don't even use cotton balls. gross. ohp...gotta watch the road...

7. "take me to the spa"?!?! come ON, lamar. seriously if i see one more pointless billboard made by lamar encouraging me to spend more time with my non-existent children/dogs, i'm going to vandalize it. a girl that age doesn't even know what a spa is...

8. that lunch buffet was a bad idea. delicious, but bad.

9. DON'T HIT ME DON'T HIT ME DON'T HIT ME DON'T HIT ME. i swear, waco drivers are worse that the cabs in new york...

10. i love my new ring. it's a little constricting, but i'm going to take that as a sign of the ever-present humidity, not that my finger is fat. it's so cool. maybe it will go well with my new alter-ego of 'butch mack: biker chick extraordinaire'. yeah. she would wear this ring.

that's all i can remember for now, because believe it or not, my mind is still kind of racing. does that ever happen to you? for no reason, you just can't keep your mind from moving at 90 mph? that being said, you can keep your car from moving at 90 mph. keep that in mind. and now i'm off to buy myself some leather pants.

enjoy your wednesday!

m. wilson

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  1. My mind races the quickest when I'm trying to fall asleep.


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