Sunday, August 21, 2011

deep thoughts: by mackenzie

i often find myself saying things that don't make sense. if you know me, you will probably agree whole-heartedly. i also often find myself saying things that i THINK make me sound like i know what i'm talking about, but ultimately make me sound dumb. that being said, i have decided to start a new segment entitled "deep thoughts by mackenzie" where i get to share my dumb feelings without feeling so dumb. these are just tid bits of wisdom from this week...

1. if  you are in a shark film, that floating thing in the water is NEVER a turtle shell.

2. if your name is mackenzie, you should not watch shark films before going to sleep.

3. if your name is mackenzie, and you happen to watch a shark film before going to sleep, dangling your feet off of the bed will not (should not) get your feet eaten by a shark while you are on land.

3. if you are a freshman, your ideas are never good. don't trust them. or your instincts.

4. if you are a freshman and you walk around talking about things like "belt buckle collections", "how strong this bike rack is" and "songs turning into togas" in public, the upperclassmen (named mackenzie) will make fun of you and probably write songs about you.

5. if you love hard boiled eggs and like announcing how useful they are, we should be friends.

*EDIT* 3. if your name is mackenzie you like the number '3' way too much.

ultimate wise quote of the week: "we're in...well, we're not in similar boats but we're both in boats so i guess that's something..."

i hope you learned something awesome today. also, this has been my favorite video this week, i hope you enjoy it.

m. wilson


  1. it's kind of incredible, the way your mind works.

  2. Ha! I also thought about doing a deep thoughts post! Basically of all the stuff I think in my head that is cool but is really actually dumb:) we are awesome!

  3. we are awesome!!!! i'm so glad i'm not the only one.


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