Saturday, August 6, 2011

abcs and 123s

ok, so there will be no '123's, but there will be a few 'abc's. my sweet cousin sarah recently did a post consisting of answering questions/giving input to the 'abc's. i thought it was a cute idea, and there's not all that much going on in the wack these days, so here goes nothin'...

a age: 21
b bed size: double. but these days, i've been all about my couch. which is couch-sized.
c chore that you hate: i really hate putting my clothes away post-laundry/trip. they prefer my floor anyway...
d dogs: are awesome! i love my pup back home, but i'm also enamored with the idea of a pug.
e essential to start your day: listening to some relaxing music. these days, i'm up early all the time and 8am is no time for jam music.
f favorite color: gray.
g gold or silver: silver all the way. 'all that glitters isn't gold' doesn't apply to silver.
h height: 5'4.5'' (you know you're short when you still count in fractions).
i instrument you play: i barely survived my required piano classes, so let's just say 'voice'.
j job title: student, intern at FUMC (it sounds way more official than it actually is).
k kids: are for trix. but also 'no thank you. not yet.'
l live: in waco, texas.
m mother's name: michele.
n nicknames: ohhh so many. mostly kenzie, kenz, babs, baby bear, and mack.
o overnight hospital stays: not yet, i've only been an outpatient thus far.
p pet peeve: people talking in important movies, 'supposedly' vs. 'supposably', gaining attention at other peoples' expense, unnecessary honking...
q quote from a movie: 'but you know the thing about romance is people only get together right at the very end.' -love actually
r right or left handed: right.
s siblings: one little brother. his name is landon and he's coming to baylor in the fall!
t time you wake up: involuntarily at 7:35am. if i had my way, around 4pm.
u underwear: is a dumb word. skivvies is the only acceptable term for that whole thing...
v vegetables you hate: i love most veggies. the texture of asparagus freaks me out sometimes, and i can't handle peppers at all, but other than that, i'll eat almost anything.
w what makes you run late: getting distracted by either music, tv, youtube, or talking to a friend.
x x-rays you've had: my foot, my wrist, and one of my growth plates, i think.
y yummy food that you make: i make a mean cheesecake.
z zoo animal: llamas are my favorite.

this kind of reminded me of something that i might have done on myspace back in the day...i really don't mind the nostalgia, though.

m. wilson

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