Monday, August 29, 2011

choir weetweeeeeeat.

so, this past weekend the a cappella choir from baylor went on a retreat to glen rose, texas to work on music and bond! it was fun (exhausting, but fun) and no one was surprised when i ran around snapping pictures of everyone...

the retreat was located at glen lake camp and retreat center. they had a blob, y'all. i never got to try it out because i was too busy napping as often as possible, but my friend kaylie did get some pictures of others enjoying the water park.

note: most of the pictures take place in the rehearsal room. try and count the snuggies, it was FREEZING in that room, and we all brought snuggies and blankets and sweaters to deal with the extreme cold, even when it was extremely hot outside.

there was also a mouse situation that happened in the girls' cabin. the situation being that we had a live-in mouse that terrorized the cabin, which certainly never left things boring...

all-in-all, it was a fun trip. i also got appointed historian of a cappella, since i'm constantly snapping pictures and bother people. i guess they decided to make some lemonade, am i right? (bad joke?)

hope you guys had a good weekend!

m. wilson

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