Friday, October 7, 2011

my cat is cooler than your cat.

rachael and i are officially crazy cat ladies. literally, every time we meet new people, we always end up talking about our cat, and showing off endless i figured i'd save us all a little time, and blog about it so that those of you who don't know our fabulous cat juno could get in on the fun. she is literally the funniest animal i have ever encountered...i decided that the best way to get to know her was to just interview her. it went a little something like this:

name: juno i.e. janky-lip juno, juny-b, janks...

occupation: lazy house cat/daughter/entertainment.

favorite things to do: lay on laptops, homework, or wherever is most inconvenient for my moms, claw at the carpet PURELY to piss people off, clean myself excessively, give the stank eye, taste lotion, run outside about 3 feet then get scared and freeze, hide in bags, eat whatever new hippie cat food my moms buy for me, poop.

faces: pissed off and pleased asian.

favorite color: blue, like my giant eyes. just *try* and say no to me.

catch-phrase: "*long stream of obscenities*", "are you using this? your wrists look miiiighty comfy while resting on that laptop, i think i'm just gonna...scootch*plop*", and "ask not what you can do for your moms, ask what your moms can do for you."

favorite tv shows: house, nip/tuck, and keeping up with the kardashians.

least favorite thing ever: being lady-like, and that squirrel costume i have to wear for halloween.

favorite hang-out spots: on top of the love seat, mommy rachael's bed, on that red blanket, in any open bag...

most valuable asset: my extra big top lip and my cleav. (see above photos)

biggest fear: being less than the most important thing to my moms. :)

....there you have it. the queen has spoken. now she's off to lounge around or maybe eat and take a nap. it's a rough life for a cat, y'all.

have a great weekend!

m. wilson

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