Monday, October 17, 2011

hey! i put some new shoes on.

this past weekend was our annual 'fall break', or as i like to call it 'fall friday'. we really just get one day off, so i think it's more appropriate. anyway, after closing the opera on thursday night, i hung out in waco then proceeded to sleep in WAY too long on friday and go home for the weekend. :) it was a good time, i basically just rested the whole time and saw a few friends and hung out with the fam. as my camera has been extra stupid recently, i just snapped a few shots with my phone (sorry again for the bad quality) but here's what i've been up to lately:

1. best friends circa 2009.
2. common grounds small cup = shockingly small.
3. costume for signor deluso + melanie.
4. t.j. proposed to me again. i said yes. who could say no to that face?
5. precious tiny origami via rob.
6. do they actually *want* to sell beer? i can't tell.
7. fail cake and mrs. kayla.
8. cookie (the cat).
9. mom's weird nail polish removing ritual.
10. COOKIES (the noms).
11. mason jar + wine glass feet = texas class.
12. fail cake take 2 = pass cake.
13. yellow pages in the pool.

i've also recently been hooked on parks and recreation, which is a fantastic show if you haven't seen it. amy pohler is gold. i've probably watched this clip 100 times in the past week.

and this has been my song for the day (as my mother bought me new birks this weekend). WINNING.

i hope you guys have a fabulous week. get you some new shoes.

m. wilson

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  1. what a nice mommy! and yes, parks and rec is awesome. there is one clip of 'leslie knope' singing parents just don't understand, and it is hi-liarious. must look up on hulu. glad you had a good fall break!


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